Managing Partner

Oliver Schultz

Oliver officially joined Markatects as managing partner fulltime in August 2019 after working with Catherine for over the past few years. Prior to joining Markatects, Oliver began his career in marketing 7 years ago when he started to take on ad hoc projects to help non-profits with their marketing endeavors. He enjoyed helping non-profits with their digital marketing so much that he eventually went on to work with digital marketing agencies in Boston. 


When Oliver joined Markatects, his primary focus was on Search Engine account management. Since that time, his role has expanded into creating new operations processes, employee training, developing Markatect’s service offerings, and acting as a jack of all trades to help resolve any issues as they arise. When he isn’t diligently focused on digital marketing, Oliver likes to spend his time outdoors hiking, biking, rock climbing, and skiing. When he’s at home, he likes to unwind by cooking and enjoying a fine glass of whiskey with his wonderful friends and family.

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