Digital Ads Manager

 *This position has been filled. Feel free to apply for any future openings.

Hiring Company: Markatects Corp

Title: Google Ads Manager 

Hours: Full-time, Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Job Description and Responsibilities:

Are you passionate about digital advertising and marketing altogether? Does driving unbelievable results and helping clients crush their competitors tickle your fancy? We love that feeling too and are competitive by nature. We are a small agency that strives to be the best in the industry and is always looking out for awesome talent that’s knowledgeable, passionate and driven. Our goal is quite simple, hire awesome talent to give the best results to our clients. As a digital advertising expert, you’ll be responsible for reviewing, and implementing actionable online strategies that will improve paid visibility across major search engines and social media for our clients.



  • You’re very passionate about marketing and helping clients grow
  • You are competitive, confident, love to talk/communicate/learn/give ideas/enter in discussions and are not afraid to disagree, but equally able to receive feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions and learn from others
  • You’re a quick learner that isn’t afraid to do your own research
  • You are passionate about fixing errors and addressing bad former practices that hurt client results
  • You never settle for the bare minimum and are always looking to enhance performance with innovative strategies
  • You take the time to look at all the details and find solutions to problems, regardless of how crazy they may seem.
  • You’re able to multitask well and can switch between industries/topics and can focus on new ones
  • You are a forward thinker that does their due diligence by researching client industries beforehand and continuously
  • You are able to manage yourself and your own time/workload
  • you can handle multiple accounts at a time
  • You are able to work from home/remotely without pressure or distractions
  • You are able to train coworkers with less experience

If this is you and you love working with like-minded people, please read the entire description carefully to assure you meet the qualifications and understand the responsibilities. After you have read this entire job description and would like to apply, please include the following phrase in the subject “I’m applying for the digital ads management position” at the very beginning of your cover letter. Please keep in mind this position requires you to work from home.



  • Report to the project manager.
  • Review and analyze client sites for areas needing improvement using audit tools
  • Develop and maintain a concise strategy for our clients
  • Stay on top of results and make optimizations (bid adjustments, etc) to help maintain great results.
  • Regularly evaluate the data and make necessary changes for better performance or to fix issues
  • Get to know the clients business, their needs, and their customers to improve results
  • Work with content writers to create engaging titles and descriptions
  • Work closely with content writers/landing page designers to assure best practices are met and the correct keywords and pages are optimized
  • Keyword research
  • Establish processes and procedures to ensure ads are optimized across all platforms, websites, social platforms, mobile, and other devices.
  • Monitor, track, and report on ad performance and trends.
  • Prepare detailed strategy reports
  • Always keep up to date with the latest trends, strategies, education, and changes and updates that affect client results.
  • Always look to learn new platforms and run tests
  • You will help improve processes and documentation to increase efficiency and agency to client transparency



All candidates must be:

  • Google Ads & analytics certified (Skillshop) and up to date
  • 5+ years of experience
  • Facebook ads, LinkedIn advertising or SEO experience is an asset
  • No college/university education required, but courses and certifications an asset
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Understanding of all major search engines and functions as well as marketing
  • Able to perform keyword research that benefits the client
  • Able to pull reports and audit using tools
  • Strong understanding of Google rules, regulations, changes, conversion rate optimization, algorithms, bid strategy, analytics, and reporting tools,
  • Knowledge and ability to navigate tools such as Google Analytics, Google tag manager, tracking, Google Ads, etc
  • Knowledge & understanding of web design an asset but not required
  • Have access to good/fast internet at home
  • Have your own computer with the specifications necessary to get the job done
  • Thinks outside the box and will go the extra mile to obtain great results

We’d like to thank everyone that applied. Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

About Markatects:

Markatects is an established and incorporated business based in Calgary, AB, Canada. We measure digital success through real results you actually care about…like profit/ROI. Awesome digital marketing services + Real results + Conversions = ROI!

Digital marketing is the backbone of every successful business. Unfortunately, for many companies, it is the achilles heel of the marketing mix. Markatects is founded on an incredibly simple philosophy. The best digital marketing efforts are grounded in meaningful results and growth through personalized attention.

Our vision, values, and workplace culture:

Here at Markatects, we pride ourselves on the top quality work we deliver, while providing fair pricing to our clients. We work while keeping integrity in mind in all that we do. We believe in mutual respect and transparency within the workplace, and this also flows into our daily tasks and external relationships. 

We encourage our team members to provide high-quality service while maintaining accountability for all actions. Mistakes happen, but a humble attitude, ownership, and a willingness to learn from mistakes are the actions that fit in perfectly in our workplace culture. 

As we strive for growth and greatness within our field, we also strive for each of our team members to experience personal growth, as well as within their role and ultimately achieve workplace satisfaction. 

We believe in having a non-discriminatory and safe work environment for individuals of all backgrounds. We fiercely protect the human rights of all our employees; therefore, prejudice will not be tolerated. Like-minded candidates are essential for our work environment. 

If your qualifications fit our requirements and our views and beliefs resonate with you, please apply for this positi