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Catherine Cortez

Founder Catherine Cortez has more than 12 years experience in the digital marketing industry. Over the years she has helped 1000s of businesses across the world reach phenomenal success through online marketing at different agencies & as a freelancer, but there was a problem…Working for agencies meant following their rules, and the norm in online marketing agencies is measuring success through vanity metrics, outsourcing work to low quality service providers/contractors to increase profit margins for the agency, abandoning the client once a contract is signed, and putting little effort to innovate and take clients past their limits.

Things had to change…So she went independent and built what is now known as Markatects to break these agency norms, and together with an amazing team, challenged the market with innovative ideas, strategies and a team you can trust – becoming not just another outsource, but a strategic partner! Since then, our team has been growing and helped many businesses across the world increase ROI substantially and ultimately expand into new markets.

Her expertise? Shes a master Facebook Advertiser, project manager and strategist.

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