MI-BOX Moving & Storage

Improving Performance While Revamping a Poor Performing Account

MI-BOX Marketing Results

Project Brief:

Mi-Box is a mobile storage and moving company that has been disrupting the way people normally move and store their belongings. With advanced moving technology, convenient delivery, and friendly customer service, Mi-Box knew it had an excellent advantage in the market. The problem was, their digital marketing efforts had been declining for years. Our team redesigned their website, restructured their digital advertising campaigns, and created an innovative long-term plan to allow Mi-Box to dominate the local region and expand in the years to come. In a matter of months, Mi-box saw incredible results.

Our Roles:

Ranking 189 Keywords

A few months prior only 88 keywords were ranking.

483% Increase in Lead Volume

Phone calls and website lead volume have increased dramatically.

CPA Rapidly Improved

78% drop in CPA from $64 prior to starting vs $4 - $14 after restructuring digital advertising efforts.

Dominant Market Presence

Increased impression share on Google from 23-30% to 71-79%


The Challenge:

Re-establish Mi-Box as a dominant company in a highly competitive moving and storage market.

Mi-Box owner was tired of being burned by agencies that would do a half-baked job of managing their digital marketing presence. Lead volume was declining while ad costs and management fees remained the same. When we audited their current efforts, we knew that we could do a lot more for the account to help Sean and his business revive their digital marketing & SEO. After onboarding Mi-Box in April of 2019 and redesigning their website, Sean and his team have seen an incredible increase in lead volume to the point where Mi-Box has needed to grow their team and expand their storage capacity.


Mi-Box has established itself as a dominant player in the moving & storage market in Alberta. Their convenient mobile storage pods are delivered right to your doorstep. From there, people are able to pack their valuables into the storage pod at their own convenience or with the support of Mi-Box movers which makes any moving or storage experience a lot less stressful. The issue is that they had a poor presence in the market and did not have a website that properly expose their benefits to potential customers in the area.

Fast forward to July 2019 – they now have a newly established digital marketing efforts, a new website with straightforward content and a much faster load time, and a long term plan for rest of the year to help them scale up their efforts further during the seasonally strong summer months and maintain effective lead volume during the tougher winter months.


April 2019

Audit & Evaluation

We ran a comprehensive audit of short & long-term performance trends, external performance benchmarks for the industry/region, and reviewed their website performance. We presented this to Sean and came up with a marketing plan. The prior website and Google Ads efforts we in poor shape, so we redesigned the entire website, free of charge in an effort to improve his campaigns and rankings.


Step 2

New Audiences & New Creative

Finding the right audiences was a crucial component to Mi-Box’s success. We completed research to find the best performing audiences on both organic and paid search – then we tailored our creative to align Mi-Box’s key value props with our target audience’s intent to improve lead volume and lower the cost per acquisition.

An account cleanup was in order, so the second we began working with Sean, we started to buildout new campaigns and subdomain pages to improve performance. These efforts setup his account for long term success while improving short term performance.


6 Months Later

Future Proofing

After seeing tremendous success in the first 3 months, we are now well into the second phase of our current plan for 2019. Now that we have revamped Sean’s efforts, we are working together to scale his business through innovative marketing.

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